1983 SIT U 700

1983 SIT U 700

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ModelU 700
Stock Number1105-02404
Country of originfrance
Delivery timeimmediately
Delivery termsex stock
Grinding diameter300 mm
Grinding length700 mm
Centre height175 mm
Table longitudinal travel500 mm
Feed speed0,05 - 5 m/min.
Swival range +/-9 Grad
Grinding wheel size200 x 50 x 127 mm
Grinding wheel motor4,0 kW
Hydraulic motor1,5 kW
Internal grinding motor1,1 kW
Workpiece-spindlehead motor0,37 kW
Workpiece spindle stepless44 - 400 U/min
Spindle coneMK 4
Workpiece spindle swivable +/-90/5 °
Max. workpiece weight between centres120 kg
Tailstock quill taper mt4
Quill stroke28 mm
Internal grinding diameter15 - 150 mm
Grinding depth122 mm
Grinding spindle speed13700 / 18100 U/min
Total power requirement7,14 kW
Weight of the machine ca.2.5 t
Dimensions of the machine ca.3 x 1,67 x 1,5 m